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Stream Light Flashlight

Stream Light Flashlight came about when a group of NASA engineers started their own company in King of Prussia, PA in 1973. These engineers had been task by NASA simulate sunlight outside of the earth’s atmosphere. They were highly successful and created a machine that created 25-million candlepower of light. The next thing they accomplished was to create a handheld light that generated 1-million candlepower of light. That is when they started Streamlight Inc., the company that makes the Stream Light flashlight. The company grew so fast that they have had to change facilities twice and are now located in Eagleville, PA.

Stream Light flashlight comes in a full line of flashlights. The company offers flashlights that range in size from small handhelds and weapon mounted flashlights to lanterns. All of their flashlights are built to be tough, dependable, and long lasting. They come in models that are rechargeable and models that take standard batteries. They can have halogen bulbs, Xenon bulbs, or one of many different types of LED bulbs. Their new C4 LED is rated at four times brighter than a standard LED. With Stream Light flashlights, you have many choices of flashlights that will meet any need whether the flashlight will be used for hunting, around the home, or in the car. They also offer flashlights that are designed for auto mechanics and other industrial uses.

 The Stream Light flashlight comes in every size and style to fit any situation or need. This flashlight receives rave reviews from all of those that own them and use them. These flashlights never fail to work, and this is the reason these flashlights have become the flashlight of choice by many different agencies. Police departments, firefighters, EMT’s, the military and many other professional organizations will not use any other flashlight. The reason that these types of agencies make use of the Stream Light flashlight is due to its compact size, extremely clear and bright light, and the fact that these flashlights always work. No matter how long they have set, or what type of conditions they are used in, they always light the way.

Stream Light flashlights can be purchased in weights that range from 839g to 27.2 ounces, with battery lifetimes from one to four hundred hours. They have flashlights that have candlepower ratings that range from 1 candlepower to 1-million candlepower. You can choose any length of flashlight that you require, with many different types of bulbs, two of the most popular are the Xenon and C4 LED bulbs. They also offer a wide variety of color choices. Another thing you will discover if you purchase a Stream Light flashlight is that they guarantee their flashlights for a lifetime. This is a full warranty against any defects, and they have customer service that is second to none. If you are interested in one of these fantastic flashlights just read the customer reviews written about this product. There is high praise for the product, the company, and their customer service. It is hard to ask much more of a company.